The 2014 Priority Government Regulation (PP) Drafting Program

Published on 24 June 2014

The 2014 Priority Government Regulation (PP) Drafting Program

On May 20th the President released Presidential Decree No.19/2014 concerning the 2014 Priority Government Regulation (PP) Drafting Program. The decree set out prioritized Government Regulation (PP) to be issued within one year (20 May 2014 – 20 May 2015). There are 80 Government Regulations (PP) in total, which covers the following topics: (i) national security and defense; (ii) the court system; (iii) housing/residential; (iv) health; (v) agriculture; (vi) energy and mineral resources; (vii) taxation; (viii) financial services; (ix) transportation; and (x) other (such as: pension scheme, wages, patents, M&A, food security, mandatory reporting of the use of chemical substance)


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