EuroCham’s Visit to Sampoerna Facilities

Published on 23 February 2017

For the purpose to acquire in-depth knowledge within consumer goods and manufacturing sector, EuroCham recently visited PT HM Sampoerna’s facilities in Surabaya and Sukorejo. The visit, organized on 20-21 January 2017, was the platform to obtain information regarding the impact that Sampoerna has given to the community, particularly in East Java. Such impact is evident from Sampoerna's entrepreneurship center facilities, which empower the surrounding community to conduct their own business. The entrepreneurship was one of Sampoerna’s corporate social responsibility pillars—three others including women empowerment, education, as well as search and rescue.

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Symposium on Authorized Economic Operator and Customs Main Partner with the Vice Minister of Finance

Published on 22 February 2017

EuroCham's Transport and Logistics Working Group, along with Import-Export Procedures Working Group recently attended a symposium on Authorized Economic Operator ("AEO") and Customs Main Partner ("MITA"), which was organized on 21 February 2017. The AEO program introduced by the World Customs Organization, which has been recognized and implemented in 160 countries worldwide, including Indonesia. In 2010, the President Jokowi issued an directive to support the AEO as a priority program to increase the national competitiveness and ensure the security level of goods supply chain in international trade.

Companies obtaining the AEO Certification or recognized as the Customs Main Partner will received facilities in a form of simpler customs procedures that will ensure an effective and efficient logistics distribution supply chain. Fourty-four companies in Indonesia have received the AEO certification including European companies such as Unilever, Nestle, Bentoel International, Frisian Flag, and DHL Express. In addition, 264 companies have been recognized as the Customs Main Partner. In this event, Vice Minister of Finance Prof. Mardiasmo provided a keynote speech on Indonesia trusted partner in securing international trade and logistics supply chain. Follow by a presentation by Mr. Heru Pambudi (Director General of Customs and Excise) who shared his views on enhancing customs roles by securing international trade and logistics supply chain.

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