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PZ Cussons Indonesia Holds a Kick Off Event for Cussons Bintang Kecil 8 with the Theme of 'Cerianya Bermain'

Published on 15 October 2019

On 8 October 2019 PZ Cussons is proud to represent Cussons Bintang Kecil for 8 (eight) years in a row as the biggest inspiration for children in Indonesia to support children's development and development by inviting them to play to make them happy , and at the same time increase their confidence. Starting with the Cussons Bintang Kecil kick-off activity, it once again marks a milestone in the history of PZ Cussons as a brand that is consistently present for consumers in Indonesia.

With in-depth knowledge of consumers and as a market leader in baby care products in Indonesia, PZ Cussons is always striving to lead the way in launching innovations for all its activities. The presence of Cussons Bintang Kecil, is one of the unique activities with different and special themes every year. Cussons Bintang Kecil continuously provides a platform for parents and children in Indonesia to play and share happiness. PZ Cussons believes that when children are happy they can radiate happiness to the environment around them.

"Playing has a big role in children's growth and development, in addition to being a media, children can also learn and explore, especially when playing with parents can strengthen attachment and bonding, the effect of which is to form a close, warm and open relationship to talk about all tastes," explained Alfa Restu Mardhika, Child Psychologist.

With this year's big theme, "Cerianya Bermain", Rahma Anna Setyani, Head of Brand Activation of PZ Cussons Indonesia said, "Through this year's big theme, we want to provide a place for children to play. This year, Cussons Bintang Kecil 8 will start from October 8, 2019 - January 8, 2020 and will be present in various series of play activities starting from the kick-off event; video and photo competition in the category of Babies, Toddlers and Children with a total of 1 Billion prizes in which the competition uses a judging system with professional judges from the beginning of the activity to the grand final; CSR activities in collaboration with CT Arsa Foundation through fundraising with several partners such as Alfamart, Transmart and Tokopedia; and there will be a series of roadshow activities to several schools. This year, CBK 8 received support from 10 partners in 55 stores throughout Indonesia to carry out activation activities that encourage direct interaction with consumers. "

On this occasion, Cussons Kids also launched a special edition namely Cussons Kids Naura Limited Edition, Cussons Kids Hot Wheels Edition, and Cussons Kids Fantasy Edition as an exclusive product series released by PZ Cussons Indonesia along with the Cussons Bintang Kecil 8. Next year, PZ Cussons will return with more interesting themes and concepts to inspire Indonesian families.

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Influencer Fraud: The Lurking Risk behind Influencer’s Marketing

Published on 15 October 2019

You might be familiar with names such as Shannon Haris, Em Ford, Chiara Ferragni. In Indonesia there are also Atta Halilintar, Rachel Vennya, and Ria Ricis. We often see them in social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube, blog – with high engagement with tens of thousands to even billions of their followers. These individuals create digital contents that somehow influence online and offline behavior of their followers, including buying decisions. They are what we call ‘influencers’. The bond and trust between influencers and their followers are what brands have perceived as a new opportunity in marketing their products.

Nielsen said that consumers trust what influencers say much more than they trust conventional ads – billboard, flyer, brochure, TV, and any printed media ads.

Through influencers’ storytelling on their digital platforms, brands expect they will sound more like ‘human’ than mere logos. This human-like quality allows brands to reach their consumers who have flocked to digital platforms. In the end, brands expect to generate trust, awareness, and loyalty among their consumers, and the voices of influencers have the power to produce all of these.

In terms of reaching potential consumers, the digital era does offer new opportunities in a way that the previous era couldn’t. However, there are lurking risks behind the opportunity. Like any other marketing methods, digital marketing influencers also carry certain risks towards brand reputation, and they could jeopardize brands even more than conventional marketing methods ever would.

One of the potential risks is influencer fraud. The term has been gaining popularity along with the rising trend of digital marketing influencers since around eight years ago. Fraudulent influencers carry out fraudulent practices by manipulating social engagement.

In a world where statistic becomes a currency, the number of followers and engagement matter to influencers. In an attempt to bolster their social standing and attract brands, Instead of generating abundant followers in organic ways, an individual may purchase numbers of fake followers. There are also a bunch of cases where individuals use software or bots which automatically generate ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘share’ in social media. At the end, these practices will not lead to consumers’ genuine trust and awareness, and these fraudulent influencers will rip brand reputation apart while costing a substantial amount of money.

Nonetheless, digital marketing influencers have become the hottest marketing trend for the past couple of years. While they have proven to benefit brands, at the same time, they put brands at risk. Assessing the risks influencers may carry, it is important that brands take mitigation efforts in managing their reputation.

One critical step that a brand should take before making a decision in cooperating with any influencer is conducting a background check to the individual. By conducting background check, brands will be well-informed about who the account owner really is, whether the account’s followers and engagement are genuine, and whether the individual has ever been involved in criminal acts.

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