Working Group

Agriculture, Food & Beverages

  • Head of Working Group
    Doni Wibisono Wiroto
    Public Affairs Manager - Frisian Flag
  • Deputy Head for Agriculture
    Laksmi Prasvita
    Head of Communications & Public Affairs - Bayer
  • Deputy Head for Beverages
    Dendy A. Borman
    Corporate Relations Director - Diageo Indonesia

About the Group

The Agriculture, Food and Beverages Working Group officially started in July 2013. Currently, member companies forming this Working Group originated from the food processing, beverages, horticulture and dairy sectors.

The Working Group has continuously grown with now about 40 member companies, and covers broad areas of the food supply chain. The Working Group aims to play a role in encouraging a constructive and proactive dialogue which is essential to develop a joint approach for achieving goals in food security, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability. 

In 2017 alone the Working Group discussed several issues such as the Halal Law, import quotas, the Draft Regulation on Food Labelling and Advertisement, the Draft of Minister of Agriculture Regulation on the Procurement and Distribution of Milk, the Draft law on Water Resources, implementation of an excise on plastic packaging, water regulation, alcoholic beverage issues, etc.

The Working Group also actively cooperates with other EuroCham Indonesia working groups to develop letters of recommendation and meet with government officials. Recently the Working Group held roadshows to a number of ministries to provide information on the Draft Law on Water Resources and its impact on industries, especially the water supply and bottled mineral water industries.  

In the future, the Agriculture, Food and Beverage Working Group will continuously explore different advocacy approaches, particularly where each member can take ownership to coordinate and lead their advocacy agenda based on their current concerns and issues. For example, issues regarding infant formula will be handled by Frisian Flag, dairy import issues by Danone, seed industry issues by DuPont, alcohol bill issues by DIAGEO, and so forth. The working group will also continue its good relations with the relevant stakeholders. Apart from meeting with the government, the working group aims to continue to conduct regular meetings to consolidate advocacy approaches and discuss related issues for each of the three sub sectors, and possibly will arrange meetings to cover agriculture separately from the food & beverages, as the two sectors are very broad.

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