Focus Group Discussion: Fair and Sustainable Dairy Partnership Scheme

Published on 23 August 2017

EuroCham is invited to attend the Focus Group Discussion with the theme: Fair and Sustainable Dairy Partnership Scheme. Organized at Aryaduta Hotel on 23 August 2017, the event was held by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA) and invited representatives from Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Ministry of Industry (MoI). Ms. Fini Murfiani, Director of Marketing from the Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Product, MoA and Ms. Riris, Head of Sub Directorate of Milk Industry, MoI.

The FGD served as socialization forum for Minister of Agriculture No. 26/2017 on Supply and Distribution of Milk. Ms. Fini explained that MoA is drafting the implementing regulation, which will be issued likely on 2018 due to the current development of the implementing guidelines and the readiness of the partnership scheme. The MoA did not want to inform the status of the regulation itself, whether it is on the discussion process or harmonization process.

Ms. Riris, representative from MoI, explained that her Ministry is focusing to guarantee the needs for Indonesia milk industries; and to create trade climate that is conducive. Both ministries agreed that local milk is not sufficient to fulfill the industry needs. Therefore, they hoped with this new regulation will increase the local milk quantity and its quality to be able to use by the milk industries.


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