Working Group

Finance, Tax & Investment

  • Head of Working Group
    Omar Abdulkadir
    Taxation Service Advisor - PwC Indonesia
  • Deputy of Working Group
    Fryda Tandani
    Chief Representative of LBBW
  • Deputy of Working Group
    Muhammad Fauzi Irawan
    Country Head of TMF Group

About the Group

The Finance, Tax & Investment Working Group was established to accommodate the concerns of EuroCham Indonesia members in regard to taxation matters and investment policies in general. Due to the cross-sectoral nature of this Working Group, all EuroCham Indonesia members are considered to be participants of the Working Group.

In 2017 the Working Group was involved in various issues, including transfer pricing and managing taxation risk in Indonesia. 

In regard to transfer pricing issues, the situation is complicated for big and multinational companies with massive transactions with their global affiliates and are also dealing with their headquarters, which must provide similar documents to branches in other countries. If companies fail to submit the master file, they cannot submit the income tax report, and therefore sanctions might be imposed.

In regard to taxation risk management, the Working Group conducted a briefing to which it invited EuroCham Indonesia member companies as well as representatives from the Directorate General of Taxes and the Fiscal Policy Agency. Prior to this briefing the Working Group conducted a simple survey among all EuroCham Indonesia members as well as among a number of non-member companies. The survey indicated that most companies were experiencing more scrutiny from the Indonesia tax office in the last two years. This was one of the main issues that were discussed at the briefing.

Despite the recent changes in its leadership the Working Group will continue its advocacy efforts. Leadership election will be the short-term priority, along with monitoring taxation issues, investment policies, and other things related to corporate finance in general.

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