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Siemens’ intelligent infrastructure solution for smart city

Published on 24 October 2017

Makassar City will host national seminar on standardization on October 24-26 in conjunction with the commemoration of National Standard Day that falls on October 14 and National Quality Month on November 10. In the seminar, delegates will discuss their views on the theme “Standard for building smart city” that is in line with the theme of world standard day: “Standards make cities Smarter.”

As corporate partner of the event, Siemens that has actively participated in standardization effort especially ISO/TC 64 on electricity is seeking the opportunity to showcase its smart city concept called intelligent infrastructure. Siemens was once known as the handphone maker, but the standard oriented company now has vast business portfolio in electrification, automation and digitalization. Siemens’ solutions are in fact tailored to cater the needs of urban infrastructure and enable the development of integrated smart city. 

Head of Business Development PT Siemens Indonesia Yoyok Suyono in Makassar (10/27/2017) said Siemens is supporting the realization of smart city concept in Indonesia. Siemens defines smart city as a concept to provide sustainable economic development and high quality of life. “Siemens help municipal government to identify suitable technology to deliver positive impact and choose which technology is also affordable and can be implemented,” said Yoyok.

To implement the concept of smart city, Yoyok added, government needs to collaborate with private sector to assess the needs of technology to be applied in the city, what sector in needs of technological support and the city’s financial capability to realize the smart city. “We have solutions to help government implement smart city, among others is Smart Transport to provide solution in transportation, Smart Building to make the efficient use of the building and Smart Energy to help government consume energy in efficient ways,” said Yoyok.

Siemens now is focusing to develop integrated urban infrastructure technology from transportation to energy saving. As a leading technology provider, Siemens’ smart city solutions can be applied to many cities in the world. In Indonesia, Siemens fosters collaboration with state-owned enterprises in developing signaling system for light rail transits in Palembang to be used to support Asian Games 2018. Palembang

LRT network is stretched 21.5 km and connects 13 stations along the route between Sultan Mahmud Badarudin II airport and Jakabaring Stadium. Siemens’ Building Automation System (BAS) also had helped to save electricity consumption up to 15% in various office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other buildings in Indonesia.

Yoyok said that to help overcome challenges to urbanization in global scale, Siemens established Cities Global Center of Competence (CoC) that specifically designed to cater the needs of urban stakeholders, foster structured dialogue and provide assessment to the urban decision makers. Siemens brings vast expertise and knowledge on intelligent infrastructure to CoC as the center of research and development to formulate and implement smart city concept in the world.

Intelligent infrastructure technology is significantly superior to other infrastructure system, for example it can provide 20% increase in city traffic speed, a probable 30% increase in railway capacity, 30% energy saving in buildings or 40% cost reduction in the expansion of power network. For Siemens, the utilization of latest technology is the key to build city of tomorrow. The applied technology is not only protecting urban environment but also highly beneficial from economic perspective.

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Siemens showcases solutions for the digitalization in energy sector

Published on 23 October 2017

At the 2nd PJBConnect event that takes place on October 23-24, 2017 in Surabaya, “We are showcasing our solutions to support the digital transformation of the energy sector in Indonesia,” stated Ivan Sutanto, Head of Sales – Utility, Power and Gas Division, PT Siemens Indonesia. Siemens' strategic goal is to help the energy sector in Indonesia especially PLN and PJB to overcome challenges with technology and solutions along the entire energy conversion chain that increase efficiency and reduce costs – from the utilization of fossil resources for power generation and transportation to improvements in consumption as well as localization.

To help ensure an efficient and reliable power supply, the SGT-400 – a modularized gas turbine can generate 12 megawatt electricity with the opportunity to convert it into combined cycle. It is very easy to install and suitable for Indonesia’s industrialsector, oil & gas sector, as well as to be installed in remote areas. The SGT-400 Gas Turbine package can be locally manufactured with 75 percent local content without the core engines. In the field of power generation services, MyAdvisor can help optimize turbines and compressors by identifying potential improvements like power increase and emissions reduction to reduce operating cost through greater efficiency. Siemens also featured the latest innovation – the Polytransformer / Universal Transformer which had been installed in several locations in Indonesia.

Transformers are actually form the backbone of modern energy grids, and their reliable operation is crucial to ensuring a stable and resilient power supply. On the allocated two-day technical sessions, Siemens experts will present technology topics such as Polytransformer and Vacuum Technology in Generator Circuit Breaker, Siemens Mindsphere and Digital Services for Energy and Wind Power Technology from Siemens Gamesa. “This event is a good platform to showcase and share our expertise and provide solutions to PLN and PJB. We hope to be part of this event again next year,” stated Ivan.

Siemens have been present in Indonesia since more than 160 years ago. Our technologies help to support Indonesia’s infrastructure in energy, manufacturing, transportation, as well as healthcare. Over the past 20 years, Siemens invested more than EUR 200 million in Indonesia. More than 11% of the country’s power is generated with Siemens technologies. We invest significantly in high quality training and education to increase value-add of our facilities in Indonesia for the production of power plant components and medium-voltage switchgears, protection & control panels. Today, these factories have excellent quality standard to produce reliable products at a competitive price. Not only these factories are doing export worldwide, they also provide an excellent foundation to support local content of the government’s fast track projects.

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