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Agriculture, Food and Beverage Working Group Meeting with idEA

Published on 11 September 2020

On Friday, 11 September 2020, EuroCham Food and Beverage Working Group held a discussion with a representative from the Association of E-Commerce Indonesia (idEA), Rofi Uddarojat (the Public Policy and Government Relations Manager of idEA). The discussion mainly discussed and exchanged information on the ongoing advocacy efforts on the sale of alcoholic beverages through e-commerce platforms conducted by each organization. From EuroCham’s side, the discussion was attended by Doni Wibisono and Dendy Borman in their capacity as the Head and Deputy Head of the EuroCham Agriculture, Food, and Beverage Working Group respectively.

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Dissemination of Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 21/14/PBI/2019 on Export Proceeds and Import Payments

Published on 10 September 2020

In response to EuroCham's request for a dialogue with Bank Indonesia as part of the EuroCham Import-Export Procedures Working Group’s activities, on 10 September 2020, 90 representatives of EuroCham member companies participated at a dissemination of Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 21/14/PBI/2019 on Export Proceeds and Import Payments. In this activity, Bank Indonesia’s representatives shared that the Bank Indonesia Regulation has improved provisions governing Export Proceeds (DHE). The regulation was refined to improve the efficiency of the DHE reporting mechanism by exporters and banks. In addition to this, the new provision regulates the reporting of Import Payments (DPI) by importers and banks through a data and information management system that is efficient, integrated, accelerated, and based on common practice in international trade. In this occasion, Bank Indonesia focused on discussions related to the mechanism for delivering information and reports related to non-Natural Resources DHE receipts and DPI expenditures through the Real-time Integrated Foreign Exchange Monitoring Information System (SiMoDIS). Bank Indonesia expressed its interest to continue a similar dialogue with EuroCham in future.

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