Halal Law is Still Too Broad

Published on 10 August 2017

On 10 August 2017, Eurocham was invited to attend the International Trade Forum held by Apindo. The forum took a topic of discussion on “Implementing Halal Standards in Indonesia Based on Law No. 33/2017 on Halal Product Assurance; The Impact on Trade and Economy.”

Mr. Rachmat Hidayat, EuroCham Head of Import-Export Procedure Working Group was invited as one of the panelists together with Dr. Intan Soeparna, and Mr. Danang Girindra Wardhana. In the forum, Mr. Rachmat Hidayat stated that businesses welcome and fully support the Halal Law. However, the businesses disagree with the scope of Law which is too broad and aware of the potential challenges for the implementation--such as certification process, overall timeframe, and so forth.

The forum concluded that the impact of the Halal Law will be enormous as it regulates all kinds of goods and services that will be traded in Indonesia. Although the purpose of the Law is to protect the community, but the implementation of the Law will be complex.


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