Finance & Tax Working Group: Managing Tax Risk for Multinational Companies

Published on 5 September 2017

EuroCham Finance & Tax Working Group recently organized an event titled “Managing Tax Risk for Multinational Companies”, discussing various issues in regards to taxation matters experienced by EuroCham members and other multinational companies.

Held on 5 September 2017, the event started with presentation by Mr. Sourav Seksaria (Head of Finance & Tax Working Group) regarding prior survey, which brought out, that there were significant higher tax audits in Indonesia in the last two years, and many companies were facing shortage in resources and competency to manage this higher scrutiny.

The Working Group also invited Mr. John Hutagaol (Director of International Taxation, Ministry of Finance), who gave presentation in regards to transfer pricing policy in Indonesia. In addition, Mr. Rofyanto Kurniawan from the Fiscal Policy Agency, also gave presentation on the overview fiscal and taxation policy in Indonesia.


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