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Govt to Postpone Article 20 of Patent Law: DGIP Considers EuroCham Recommendation

Published on 7 August 2017

Being recognized as one of the valued stakeholders, EuroCham was invited by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (“DGIP”) to discuss the upcoming presidential regulation that implements Law No. 13 of 2016 on Patent (“Patent Law”). The meeting, which took place at the DGIP Office on 7 August 2017, discussed the draft presidential regulation that will implement Article 20 of the Patent Law.

As already highlighted since its issuance, Article 20 of the Patent Law requires patent holders to practise their patents in Indonesia or be at risk of having their patent(s) revoked. The draft presidential regulation is addressing the postponement of Article 20 implementation.

Represented by Mr. Kin Wah Chow (Head of IP Working Group), EuroCham delivered its member’s concerns including the postponement of Article 20, definition on which business that may apply for postponement, appeal forum for rejection of postponement, simplification of postponement process.

The DGIP, which represented by Mr. Timbul Sinaga (Director of Patent) and Ms. Dede Mia Yusanti (Director of Cooperation and IP Empowerment) said that EuroCham recommendation are noted and will be considered for further drafting.

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