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Intellectual Property Working Group: Enforcement on Counterfeited Products

Published on 19 September 2017

Aiming to have a better understanding on how to deal with counterfeited products, the Intellectual Property Working Group held an event by inviting representative from the Polda Metro Jaya. Organized on 19 September 2017, at Mercantile Athletic Club Jakarta, the Working Group invited Mr. Zakaria who is a Senior Investigator responsible for IP Enforcement at Polda Metro Jaya. The business was represented by Mr. Koon Yeow Lui. The meeting provided information regarding multinational company’s experience in dealing with counterfeited products which addressed by Diageo during their presentation. 

During the panel session, led by Mr. Kin Wah Chow (Head of the Working Group), Mr. Zakaria shared the concerns over the development of e-commerce, which has made some cases hard to track. Hence, the participants were encouraged to make formal report to the police if they found counterfeit issue against their products.

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Cosmetics Working Group: Halal Implementing Regulations to be Issued

Published on 18 September 2017

Continuing the advocacy for cosmetics sector, Cosmetics Working Group had a meeting with Working Committee IV (Pokja IV) from Task Force of Economic Policy Implementation Acceleration and Effectiveness. Held on 18 September 2017, the meeting discussed the proposal to exclude cosmetics from the obligation of surveyor report, and the obligation of halal certification for Cosmetics products.

During the meeting, Prof. Sukoso, Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) informed that BPJPH is finalizing two draft Government Regulations as Implementing Regulations to the Halal Law. The two drafts are now harmonized at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, as well as Ministry of Finance. Therefore, any inputs can be submitted to those related ministries directly.

Prof. Sukoso further hoped that all stakeholders can support for the government regulations to be issued in order to make the system fully operational. BPJPH is also collaborating with other related government officials in drafting several technical regulations to support the implementation of the Halal Law. 

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