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Accelerating Indonesia's Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities for Hydro Power Development: Andritz Hydro on Challenges and opportunities in hydropower development in Indonesia

Published on 30 June 2022

Listrik Indonesia Magazine together with the Indonesia Hydropower Association (INAHA), the Hydropower Developers Association (APPLTA) supported by PT Andritz Hydro held a virtual event titled Accelerating Indonesia's Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities for Hydro Power Development on Wednesday April 20th, 2022.

Also present at the event were the Chairperson of the Expert Council of the Indonesian Electricity Magazine Herman Darnel Ibrahim, the Director General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Rida Mulyana. In addition, also present as speakers include Nasri Sebayang Chairman of INAHA, Zulfan Zahar Chairman of APPLTA, Zainal Arifin EVP Engineering & Technology PT PLN (Persero), Nick Wright Senior Vice President Sarawak Energy, Stephan Garnier Lead Energy Specialist, Energy Program Coordinator for Indonesia and Timor Leste, M. Sofyan Vice Chairman of INAHA and Josef M. Ullmer President Director of PT ANDRITZ Hydro.

In the Webinar, Nasri Sebayang said, the development of a sustainable Hydroelectric Power Plant generally takes a long time, namely through the Initial Stage that have been implemented, the Preparation Stage, the Construction Stage (Implementation Stage) and the Operation Stage in order to be able to answer the challenges in terms of technical, environmental, social, economic and funding aspects.

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Danone-AQUA with Malu Dong Community Invite 800 Communities in Upstream Rivers to Overcome Waste Problems in Bali

Published on 9 June 2022

As a company that is committed to the environment, Danone-AQUA, which is known for its efforts to encourage a circular economy through the #BijakBerplastik (#BePlasticWise) movement, took part in the clean-up efforts initiated by the Malu Dong Community. The collaboration between Danone-AQUA and the Malu Dong Community was initiated since 2019 that focuses on education and the collection of plastic waste.

Karyanto Wibowo, Director of Sustainable Development of Danone-AQUA Indonesia said that, “The efforts made by the Malu Dong Community are in line with Danone-AQUA's real efforts in creating a circular economy. Danone-AQUA itself has started efforts to manage plastic waste recycling through the AQUA Peduli movement since 1993 that continued until 2018. We realized the importance of joint efforts needed to tackling plastic waste through the #BijakBerplastik (#BePlasticWise) movement. We believe the #BijakBerplastik (#BePlasticWise) movement can build innovative, comprehensive and collaborative solutions to address the challenges of handling plastic waste.”

Karyanto Wibowo added that, "In #BijakBerplastik (#BePlasticWise) we focus on three important steps, starting from the development of a plastic waste collection ecosystem, educating consumers to take responsibility for the plastic waste they produce as we will continue to do with the Malu Dong Community to educate the public, especially students by using the SAMTAKU (My Waste My Responsibility) book module. Another important step that we take in #BIjakBerplastik (#BePlasticWise) is to innovate the packaging used and continue to innovate in the management of plastic waste such as bringing the waste collection results from our activities here to the SAMTAKU Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Jimbaran for recycling. Everything that we are doing now will be done consistently and will continue to be refined according to existing technological developments, thereby reducing plastic waste to the environment, while realizing Danone's global vision – One Planet, One Health .”

Efforts to clean up waste in the upstream rivers will help realize the Indonesian government's commitment to reduce plastic waste into the oceans by 70% by 2025, as well as being committed to a holistic Danone-AQUA circular economy approach.

Komang Sudiarta, the Founder of the Malu Dong Community, said the same thing wherein, “Tackling the problem of plastic waste must be done together and consistently so that the results will have more impact on all of us. For this reason, we are always open to inviting various parties to cooperate, such as collaboration with Danone-AQUA which always helps us in educational programs, especially for the younger generation. We agree that we want to build future generations who are aware of the importance of better waste management. Since the start of our program in Songan Village until now, we have been educating using the SAMTAKU guidebook to 9 primary and secondary schools as well as local youth. They are an important part in changing people's behavior to start managing waste at its source such as in homes and residential areas.”

Previously, the Malu Dong Community had carried out the "Kintamani Destination Trashvelling" activity in Songan Village and had succeeded in facilitating the local village government until they finally agreed to jointly solve the waste problem in Songan Village.

Since 2018, Danone-AQUA has positioned Bali as a 'world class' case study, which made Bali into one of the company's focuses in implementing extensive sustainability initiatives. As a pioneer of the circular economy model, the company has worked closely with many partners to address the challenges of plastic waste in Bali.

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