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EuroCham Policy Advocacy Updates and Upcoming Activities

Published on 14 August 2017

EuroCham Board, Head and Deputy of Working Group and Member Forum met on 14 August 2017. The meeting provides updates of EuroCham activities and policy advocacy actions, as follows:

  • The secretariat is currently finalizing the EuroCham Position Paper for CEPA and will be submitted to the European Union by the end of this month. The CEPA paper is a living document; this nature allows members to continuously provide inputs based on the recent development of regulatory and policy framework in country.
  • EuroCham collaborates with KADIN and APINDO to formulate Joint Recommendation for CEPA. This paper will be submitted to both governments.
  • The EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue 2017 will echo the CEPA theme and the event title will be “EU-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Maximizing Trade and Investment Opportunities”. The EIBD will be conducted in November 2017.
  • EuroCham is currently drafting 2018 Annual Position Paper that will be launched in January 2018. The position paper development is formulated with each working group and all members are invited to share their inputs as a contribution from European business to the improvement of trade and investment climate in Indonesia.
  • Currently, EuroCham supported by INDEF, a research institute, is conducting a study to measure the EU-Indonesia economic relations. A survey will be distributed to EuroCham members to capture the magnitude of EU presence in country (size of investment, trade volume, technological transfer, labor absorption, as well as economic and social benefit).

The meeting further discussed EuroCham public policy and communication strategy, EU Funded Project ICI+, and other issues. The meeting agreed to strengthen the chamber’s policy advocacy actions. As a reference, EuroCham priority issues for 2017 are CEPA, Customs Reform, Halal, Import-Export, Local Content, Standard, and Water. Meanwhile, each working group / member forum is encouraged to continue their advocacy actions based on the sector’s priority.

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Tobacco Member Forum: Plain Packaging May Impact Other Sector

Published on 11 August 2017

Continuing the effort on the tobacco-related advocacy, the Tobacco Member Forum recently met at EuroCham on 11 August 2017 to discuss several concerning issues. Chaired by Mr. Wilson Andrew (Sampoerna), the Member Forum addressed plain packaging issue, which has been implemented in other foreign countries. As this policy have domino effect on other sectors, the Member Forum will plan an event on Plain Packaging that will invite members from other Member Forum and Working Groups.

Furthermore, elaborated the importance of innovation and technology for economic growth within EuroCham members. Such is related to the invention of electronic cigarettes produced by member companies. The Member Forum will support other working groups that also emphasize innovation and technology for their business.

Additionally, the Member Forum also addressed PMK 182/2016, which obliges companies documents requirements for goods with value more than 1500 USD. The Member Forum will support the Transport and Logistics Working Group advocacy effort on this policy.

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